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Privacy Policy

YAMAISHI Co, Ltd. handles personal information in accordance with the "Personal Information Protection Act" and "JIS Q 15001".

1. Basic Policy
All employees of YAMAISHI Co., Ltd. must comply with the "Personal Information Protection Compliance Program Requirements" (JIS Q 15001). And we respond to our customers' trust by protecting their data through careful and secure handling of personal information.

2.Purpose of the Personal Data Compliance Program
1)The standards for the appropriate collection and use of personal information and the compliance program to administer those standards are set forth in the regulations.

2)We have established a code of conduct and specific rules to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

3.Organizational Activities
The following activities are implemented to embody our basic policy and compliance program and to protect personal information.
1)Managers and all employees (all who work in business operations) comply with laws, regulations and other standards related to personal data.

2)A Personal Data Protection Officer shall be appointed and shall be given responsibility and authority for the implementation and operation of the Equal Opportunity Program and shall perform his/her duties.

3)A personal data audit manager is appointed to conduct regular system audits.

4)Based on the system audit, we will improve and develop the "internal rules", the "working methods" and the "audits" themselves.

5)We encourage companies and individuals with whom we do business to sign contracts and work with us to achieve the goals of our regulations.

6)We will post this basic policy on our website at all times.

7)The compliance program is continuously reviewed and improved in response to changes in our company's business environment.

8)We will provide ongoing personal data protection training and strive to improve the skills and awareness of all employees working in our company.

4.Handling of Personal Information
1)Collection, use and provision of personal information: When we collect personal information, we educate our customers about the purpose of the collection, limit the scope of use of the personal information we collect, and treat it appropriately.

2)Respect for rights: We respect the rights of individuals with respect to their personal information and will comply with requests for disclosure, correction or deletion of their own personal information within a reasonable time and to a reasonable extent.
(We will respond to requests for information, rectification, cancellation, advice and complaints from customers via our request form).

3)Storage and use of personal data: Personal data will be treated according to the purpose of use.
If the purpose of use is changed, we will obtain the consent of the person concerned.

4)Implementation of safety measures: We comply with internal regulations and implement security measures to prevent issues such as leakage of personal information to the outside world or unauthorized falsification of personal information.

5)Disclosure of personal information: We do not disclose personal information to third parties unless specified in individual policies or in a prior notice. In the case of shipments, we will inform the persons concerned in advance and obtain their consent. In such cases where we do not disclose the name of the subcontractor, we will manage the subcontractor on our own responsibility.

6)Disclosure of personal information to third parties: We do not disclose personal information to third parties unless specified in individual policies or in a prior notice.
When we disclose personal data to third parties, we obtain the consent of the data subject at the time of acquisition or before disclosure to third parties.

7)Compliance with laws, regulations and standards: When handling personal information, we comply with laws, regulations and other standards that apply to the protection of personal information.
We will also ensure that our personal information protection program complies with these laws, regulations and standards.

5.Our website
Customers can visit our website without revealing any personal information about themselves

YAMAISHI Co., Ltd. President & Representative Director Yukimasa Sekine
Enactment:June 2006