salted and dried capelin/roe


Salted and Dried Capelin

Salted and Dried Capelin/roe Ingredients and Quality Control

Purchased directly in Canada and Iceland
Every year, our staff travels to Newfoundland in Canada and to Iceland to purchase capelin directly after careful inspection and to see for themselves the fishing conditions during the landing season. Since we buy directly from the market, we can proudly offer our products to our customers so that they can enjoy them with a peace of mind.
To make our customers happy, we, YAMAISHI, are committed to delivering freshly made products immediately after processing
Result of the tests for the detection of radioactive substances April 2022
We have contracted Japan Food Research Laboratories to perform tests for the detection of radioactive substances.
No cesium-137, cesium-134, or iodine-131 was detected in any of the samples.

Summary of Import Control Measures」「Certificate of Analysis(Japanese)」 「Certificate of Analysis

Tray pack products for wholesale, packaged products, trade products for restaurants, gift products for department stores, etc.

Awards 2019 Ambassador of the Republic of Iceland Award・Super Extra Large Salted and Dried Capelin
Awards 2013 Received the 1st Canadian Embassy Minister’s Award・Super Extra Large Salted and Dried Capelin

Fried Products

Fried ProductsStriving for a completely additive-free fried product line from YAMAISHI.
YAMAISHI believes that a product without additives is a food that customers can eat with a peace of mind.
We are committed to a careful selection of raw materials from our suppliers and do not use additives such as preservatives, colorants or antioxidants. In addition, all spices are of natural origin. No additives are used, but the fish fries are flavored to taste as good as conventional products. These products were developed jointly with a major breadcrumb manufacturer and a major flour producer over a two-year period.

Fried Salted and Dried Capelin/roe, Fried Salmon fillets, Fried Squid slices, Fried Whitefish fillets, Deep-fried Salted and Dried Capelin/roe, Deep-fried Octopus pieces .

Manufacturing process

From purchase at the fishing grounds to delivery to the customer

1. Purchasing of raw materials locally (Canada and Iceland)

Purchase of capelin, our main product
In order to maintain and improve the quality of capelin, we visit Newfoundland in Canada and Iceland every year to purchase the capelin used as raw material for our products.
We see for ourselves the fishing conditions during the landing season and inspect the fish carefully before we buy them.

2. Manufacturing and processing

Product manufacturing in two separate factories: one for processing dried products and the other for fried and deep-fried products.
Every factory produces products that go through delicate processes in an environment controlled by state-of-the-art equipment. We offer a wide range of products for retail (volume seller), department stores and catering.
Factory #1: Manufacturing of salted and dried capelin/roe
Factory #2: Manufacturing of fried & deep-fried products

3. Sales and sales promotion

In addition to distribution to central wholesale markets, local wholesale markets and volume sellers (supermarkets) in the respective regions, the distribution channels are independently expanded and strengthened, and products are planned and developed.
・Export sales to overseas
・Route sales to markets
・Route sales to outside markets
・Sales promotion
・Planning and development of new products